I've Moved House! - by Momo the Wonder Dog

Well, I’ve moved house! Well, we’re all still at the same address. By “moved house” I mean that Pandabonium moved my house.

In previous posts you could see that my house was located next to the garage and storage room. It was OK, but was kind of hot in summer and Pandabonium would have to move my tether in order for me to lay on the bench or under a tree.

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My new location. That's my favorite toy - Horsey - up by my flower pot.

My new location is so much better. I am on a corner of the house that is more sheltered from wind and rain. That also means less dirt. I’m still under an awning too for extra protection from the elements.

The best part for me is that I get another meter on my tether and can reach the bench – which I really enjoy hanging out on to watch the neighborhood children going to and from school. I can lie down by some trees, flowers, or bushes as well.

My house now faces the south, so I’ll get more sun in winter, and I can see the gate and street better too.

Pandabonium and K like it because I am right by their bedroom and can hear me better and they don’t have to run through the rain and mud to get to my house if there is a storm. It is also easier for them to use the garage and storage room, as my house is no longer in the way.

I got moved just before the big storm last Tuesday and Pandabonium had put on my winter door flap to make me more cozy. When in rains hard, he makes a kind of tent over my patio which really keeps my house dry, so even though I had to spend the day indoors during the storm, at least I was comfy.

I’d like them to plant a few more flowers near my house, but I’m really happy with the new arrangement in any case.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Oh dear! You spoilt little puppy! Do you ever roll in the mud I wonder! Or were your days of derry-doing long gone? And what's that pot you mention?

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Oh, yeah, I get dirty all the time. I get in trouble, but I like to run behind the house or garage when I'm off the tether and dig a big hole.

The flower pot is on top of my doghouse. It's blue and white and has yellow flowers in it. Horsey is sitting in front of it. It has a squeeker inside. I like playing with Horsey.

YD said...

Why does Horse-y looks like a piggie to me??

hey, momo, a house facing south has good feng shui. notice any changes in life recently? ;-P

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Well, YD, Horsey does have kind of a big flat nose. Pandabonium sometimes forgets and calls him Cow, but as K points out, you can tell he's a horse because he has a mane.

I don't know about Feng Shui, does it taste anything like chicken?

Buddy said...

Congratulations and glad that you're happy with this arrangement.

I also "moved house" as well as owners recently. The new place is nice with 4 other friendly dogs that I can play with. But I'm kinda wondering why there are so many kayaks lying around the place. Can I trust this new people? Hmmm

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Hi Buddy! Don't worry. If you are where I think you are (Kuching?) you are in good hands. Just don't do anything to the kayaks - that might make the owner angry.

wag wag wag