Pandabonium keeps calling my toy Horsey a cow, YD thinks he looks like a pig, K has got it right all along. He may have a big nose, but he has a mane. He's a horse. I've actually had two other Horsey toys before, but they each disappeared and Pandabonium is such a softy he replaced them each time. Wendy thinks I'm spoilt, but I think she's a little jealous.

It's all OK. As long as I get to play, I don't care what you call him.

Here's Horsey:

and here we are playing:

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Hope you are having a good weekend. Don't forget to take some time to play with your favorite toys.

-Momo the Wonder Dog


YD said...

haha... a close up picture of the pig-like horsey. ;-P Hmmm... it does looks like some mixture of a cow and a pig... i think the only thing that looks like a horse is its little tuff of hair, i mean, mane, on his head...

I especially like the polka-hearts-boxers he's wearing. =D

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

If you could see a view from the back or side, you'd see his mane goes down the back of his head. Sometimes I take his shorts off! really.

wag wag wag