Official Seal of Pandabonia

No self-respecting country is without an official seal, so here is ours:

You can get your own seal HERE .

A tip of the hat for the seal link goes to Ryan at a blog I recently found called "27B Stroke 6". You will understand the name only if you've seen the 1985 film directed by Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python fame) called "Brazil" - a dark science fiction comedy about a future dystopia in which Orwellian bureaucracies control everything and people live in a constant state of artifically created terror. It has turned out to be quite prophetic for citizens of the USA and the UK. The film has a sort of movie cult following, of which Pandabonium is a proud member.

"27B Stroke 6" refers to a bureaucratic form in the movie which plumbers must fill out before working on anything. The blog reports on topics relating to the on-going erosion of personal freedoms, using terms and phrases from the movie. It makes for a very humorous read of not so funny topics.

Of course, it will only be humorous if you are familiar with the movie. If not, what are you waiting for? Go rent it. Then go check out 27B Stroke 6.

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Front desk of Ministry of Information in "Brazil"

This post brought to you by: "Mellowfields - Top Security Holiday Camps - Luxury without fear - Fun without suspicion - Relax in a panic free atmosphere" ~travel poster in Brazil


Don Snabulus said...

Brazil watchers can't "duct" out of following that link.

Pandabonium said...

That's right Snabby, because "we're all in it together".

Robin said...

thanks.. I will get my seal too and u will prob know what design I will choose.

hmm.. now at all the immigration point they point the digital camera at you when u show the passport. No escape too.

YD said...

The Republic of Pandanobia is official! Any country stats to share?

I miss you, panda, k and momo!

Happysurfer said...

Neat seal. Reflective of a sailor, the rope bordering it.

The Moody Minstrel said...

YD IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember when I watched Brazil in my college days. When it ended, I was mentally drained as if I had just finished a week of exams. That is one heavy movie.

Pandabonium said...

Robin - looking forward to seeing your seal. Yup - nowhere to hide anymore.

YD- we've missed you. I'll have to make up, erm, look up some Pandaboniua stats for you. ;^)

Happy - thanks. I thought the rope added a nautical touch, appropriate for an island nation. My first country - Libertaria - was also an island nation, but we didn't have a cool seal.

Moody - yippeee. YD is back. Brazil is a brilliant movie, but is so complex it is hard to get one's mind around it. Also rather dark for Americans brought up on happy endings.