Good Boy! - movie review by Momo

Well, first off, a big WOOF! and tail wags to NZM who told me about this movie after reading my post "Beach Blanket Momo". The movie sounded interesting as it is based on the very history I outlined in that post regarding the migration of my ancestors from Sirius (the dog star) to Earth thousands of years ago. K found the DVD on Amazon Japan and bought it for me!

It's a kid's film about a boy named Owen who wants to adopt a dog (bright boy). The dog he picks out at the pound turns out to be "Canid 3942" who just landed on Earth a few hours before on a mission from Sirius to check on how much progress dogs had made in taking over the planet. The real trouble starts when Owen is accidentally given the ability to hear dogs talk.

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I've read some reviews that criticize certain elements of the film and while some of their points may be valid (such as the way the dogs' lips move when they talk) I think the reviewers are taking the movie and themselves WAY to seriously. I mean, this is not supposed to be "accurate" or even "believable" for humans. How can they complain about accuracy when it is something fictional? The famous critic, Roger Ebert even complained that dogs couldn't fly spacecraft because they don't have opposable thumbs. Get a grip Roger! (Pun intended). When you watch or read for entertainment, isn't the idea to suspend your disbelief for a while and just enjoy the ride? It's a Disney comedy/fantasy film for goodness sake, not a documentary or even a science fiction piece (which usually try to appear "realistic"), so I think they all should lighten up. By the way Roger, in the 1982 movie "Firefox", Clint Eastwood flies a supersonic jet by his thoughts alone. Did you have a problem with that? No, you gave it 3.5 stars out of a possible 4. What a dork. Grrr. Humans can be so inconsistent and frustrating at times.

The dogs in the movie all acted superbly in my opinion and there was a nice variety of breeds and personalities represented. The main character, Canid 3942 is renamed "Hubble" in the movie. Hubble was played by a border terrier whose real name is Flynn. Flynn is not a professional actor-dog, but you'd never know it.

Even the human actors did a good job, especially Liam Aiken who played Owen. They had human actors do the voices of the dogs (so human audiences can understand it) and they were great. Some of the dog voices you humans might recognize. Matthew Broderick was Hubble's voice. Other voices you may be familiar with included Carl Reiner, Cheech Marin, Delta Burke, Donald Faison, and Brittany Murphy. Vanessa Redgrave was impressive as the voice of "The Greater Dane" of Sirius (sort of the queen of all dogs).

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Anyway, we all thought "Good Boy!" was a fun movie and we laughed a lot all through it and had a great time. We could each relate to the relationship between Owen and Hubble as it so closely matches our own experiences when I came to this home and was adopted by Pandabonium and K - except that I arrived on my paws rather than a spaceship.

So, if you're looking for a fun film that is loosely based on the true history of how us dogs took over planet Earth, and explores the very special relationship that has evolved between dogs and humans, all the while making you laugh, give "Good Boy!" a try. You might "roll over" laughing. I give it four dog biscuits.

Thanks again to NZM and of course special face licks and tail wags to K for buying it. (Um, K, Can we watch it again?)


agus said...

I've seen the trailer and it looked like a fun movie. Haven't got my paws on it tho. It won't win the 'best special effect' award' but as long as it's a feel good movie, it's all good. And the animals always make it super cute and adorable. Good work on the review sweet momo. Thanks!

nzm said...

Momo: Great review and I'm so pleased that you liked the movie!

Who cares what the critics think? I tend to like all the movies that they pan, anyway!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Agus - thank you. I think you'd enjoy it because you like kids and animals.

NZM - thank you too. I can really relate to this film. Yeah, choosing a movie by what a critic says is like chosing a flavor of ice cream by other dog's or human's taste.