A Better Future For Us And The Planet

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A tip of the hat to Martin over at the blog Kurashi News From Japan for these links.

We often hear it said that the children are the future. When I was a kid, we were taught a lot of things that didn't do much to actually make the future better, such as how to hide under a desk in case of a nuclear attack, or about the dairy industry food pyramid chart in every classroom that told to us to eat lots of red meat and drink plenty of milk. Of course, those were also the days when doctors on television ads were telling the parents which brand of cigarettes was good for them.

To really move toward a better future, it would be a good idea to help kids visualize how the world actually could be made to be better and help them come up with ways to achieve it. One program that does just that is the Kids' "Create Your Future!" Website, which is presented by a non-governmental organization called Japan for Sustainability .

A great resource for parents and teachers, the website has articles, comics (series manga), and suggested activities to help kids learn about what can be done to create a sustainable future (ie one that is not using up the resources which will be needed in the future) while at the same time making life in the present better.

The website is in English and is presented to children in 170 different countries to "encourage children to take an interest in environmental issues, think about ways they can help and put their ideas into action". One of things I like about the site is that they encourage kids to think critically and welcome their feedback.

For adults, the Japan for Sustainability website, which is available in Japanese and English, has a wealth of information about environmental issues in Japan, including a database, corporate sustainability reports, articles, cartoons, Japan's environment laws, the latest news and more.

So check out these sites. They are linked to each other, so it doesn't matter where you begin. Maybe the next generations will do a better job than we seem to be doing of preserving our one and only planet .


YD said...

I like its approach of sharing ideas from different countries!

When I read about the car-sharing practice in Switzerland, what comes into mind is that we could suggest this idea to our government in Msia which has been trying to solve the traffic problems too.

Sharing ideas among children is indeed a great investment. We save the time by sharing the ideas NOW and let them innovate in FUTURE, instead of current practice of having delegate from all over the world getting together in conferences to discuss the issues. This save up a step in information-sharing.

thanks for sharing, panda!

The Moody Minstrel said...

World-famous (notorious?) economics professor Bjorn Lomborg says that worrying about recycling and sustainability is ridiculous unless the planet is running out of natural resources, which it clearly isn't.

He also insisted the global warming was a myth...and then suddenly changed his mind and said it was real, but there wasn't much point in trying to fight it since it will really only affect the Third World...and might actually benefit industrialized countries.

If he says it, then it MUST be true!

By the way, do you remember this ad jingle:

"Taste me, taste me! C'mon and taste me!"

Pandabonium said...
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Pandabonium said...

I'm not a Bjorn Again.

He isn't even a scientist. He studied political "science". He never actually denied global warming, just the upper projections of it. As for recycling he is taking an economists view which does not assign any value to resources or the environment or living things. So the damage caused by having waste - plastics in the ocean, poisoned water, etc. - is not considered.

He would probably argue, as I might have when I was an economicts student, that if everything were private property the mythical "free market" would protect it.

He's very self involved and Bjoring.

I do remember that jingle and older ones like "Winston tastes good...like a cigarette should". Or how about "just a silly millimeter longer"?

Yes, I was fully programmed consumer unit.

Martin J Frid said...

Back to the topic... How do we inspire kids. How do we help them want to grow up, be responsible, and have fun too. I have no idea: I just loved the Create Your Future concept.

If you know a junior high teacher, where-ever she or he is, let her/him know about that website.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Hey, I'm a junior high teacher!

Pandabonium said...

My, what a BIG hickory stick you have!

Robin said...

Visualization is very important. If children can visualise world peace, harmony and this visualisation is planted at an early age, world peace would have a chance one day.

Pandabonium said...

I hope so Robin. Seems there is always an element with us that wants power and and uses what ever means are at their disposal to get it. In addition to visualizing peace, we need to teach children to recognize deceit and to take early action to thwart those who would make war.