Robin's Big Cathouse In Singapore

Momo the Wonder Dog here. We just discovered that our friend Robin (who shares his home with a bunch of my K-9 cousins) has been running a BIG CATHOUSE IN SINGAPORE and needs some help. I guess he can't handle all 150 of the, erm, "pussycats" by himself. (Maybe that's why he's so tired all of the time).

This is NOT Robin's cathouse.

Well, Pandabonium says I should clarify this. You see, Robin and some friends created a tempory shelter for cats - the four legged kind - and they need some help. To learn all about how and why he got into this mess the shelter came into being, you can read all about it (with revealing photos!) at his blog: Robin's Empire: Cats for U?

Cat shoe! - Gesundheit!
(Pandabonium is allergic to cats)

They do not want money, just supplies. You know - booze, condoms, perfume food, shampoo, toys, etc.

At first I thought it made so sense for me to post this, because I'm a long way from Singapore, but I've got friends there, so who knows. And besides, someone might be reading this who is a pilot for FedEx with a lost consignment of cat food to get rid of, or a captain of a Japanese fishing boat tired of dodging Russian bullets or trying hide a tuna catch from the Australians. You never know, right?

If you like cats (personally, I can chase 'em or leave 'em) or just want to do something nice for the residents of Robin's BIG CATHOUSE IN SINGAPORE check it out. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. You can email Robin at chantwl@gmail.com and tell him Momo said "Woof!"


Robin said...

wow.. Momo, for a doggie pal, you are doing something for our "pussy" friends as well, Arigato.

I like cats, I play with them all the time, it is just that sometimes, they dun enjoy the play as much as I do and they hiss at me.

I bark back.

The Wonder Puppy

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Hey Metta The Wonder Puppy,

Well, Robin does a lot for you guys, so I wanted to help in some small way.

I don't see cats very often, so I really don't know much about them.

Have fun.

Happysurfer said...

Hi Momo, that sure is a very nice post. Thanks for the laugh.

Hi Metta.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...
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Momo the Wonder Dog said...

A lot of us tried to help Robin with his cathouse, eh, Happysurfer? wag wag wag