Happy Independence Day

Pacific-Islander has a number of regular readers who live in Malaysia, and it happens that today, August 31st, marks the 49th anniversary of the Federation of Malaya gaining its independence from the United Kingdom.

So, Happy Independence Day to all my friends in Malaysia, or as you say "Happy Merdeka Day"!

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(Thank you Happysurfer in Kuala Lumpur for the heads up).


nzm said...

Hi Pandabonium and Momo

Today is also BlogDay 2006

As part of the celebration, each participating blogger must choose 5 blogs to write about and promote on their blog.

I've chosen Pacific Islander as one of my 5!

You can read about it here

Happy Blog Day!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

At least it's not Groundhog Day! Okay I did it, reluctantly, but I did, and put you in there too.

Pandabonium said...

Oh boy, something else to do today. ;)

Thanks to each of you for including me.

Chen said...

thanks, Panda :)
Happy Merdeka Day :D