Vikings and Panthers

If you think I'm going to talk NFL Football, you are on the wrong blog. I am SO not into football, I had to look up those teams just now to make sure they were both in the NFL. Really.

Anyway, this post is about a couple of blogs I'd like you visit. One comes from none other than Pink Panther in Macao. Pink Panther has been "hanging around" many blogs for the last several months, including this one, kind of like a kid who wants to learn to fly will stand looking through an airport fence. Don't get me wrong, we all have enjoyed Pink Panther's comments and we looked forward to her striking out on her own. Well, she finally has got her own wings and started up a blog called "Life of Interspersion". She's off to a great start with some beautiful pictures from the local Lotus Festival and a wonderful shot of a baby Francois' leaf-monkey with golden fur. Her latest post is in Chinese and something about old style letter writing between friends vs making friends with electronic messaging. Welcome to the wide world of blogging, Pink Panther.

The other blog is authored by Martin Frid from Sweden (land of the Vikings) who happens to live in Tokyo, Japan. Martin's blog "Kurashi News From Japan" has posts with the news you probably missed of interest to consumers and environmentalists (and more) in Japan, Korea, and Sweden. Pretty interesting mix, smorgasbord style you might say, always served up with wisdom and humor on the side.

So when you have a few minutes, pay these two a visit.

In case you have been wondering, I've been doing some "spring cleaning" on my sideboard. My regular blog links will be back shortly. I've missed them too.

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PinkPanther said...


How interesting Tilte. Suddenly, I think of -- Sweden vs Macao in the blogging world *O*.
Then Of course not a competition, it's a kind of sharing of culture around the world.