Tally Me Banana

I used to grow "apple" bananas (actually a Brazilian variety) in my yard on Maui, and even though I lived in one of the driest regions of the island, the challenge was not getting them to grow, but keeping the plants from taking over the whole yard.

Here in Japan, we get our bananas from the Philippines, something the Japanese should enjoy while oil used to ship them 2,000 miles is still cheap and available. We eat them every day starting with oatmeal and bananas for breakfast. Two bananas will give you about 1000 mg of potassium which is great for your cardiovascular system, as well as about 90 mg of magnesium and many vitamins. They can help to counteract all that excess table salt you probably get if you eat a Western diet.

Today, K found bananas on sale - 5 for 100 yen (about 86 US cents). These bananas are each about 220 grams, so for my US friends that works out to about 35 cents a pound. She bought ten and used some to make banana bread with blue berries (yum!).

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Banana Bread with Blue Berries - won't last long in this house...

What got me on the banana thing tonight, besides banana bread? .... no, not the "papa's got the shipfitter blues, and loving you has made me bananas" song... It was a post on Peceli and Wendy's blog, Babasiga. Wendy is used to getting about 6 bananas for a dollar in Fiji, but right now she's at their Australia home and bananas have become scarce. I'll let you visit her blog and read why that is and about how much she had to pay for ONE banana. (Hint for all you carnivores out there: how much does steak cost?).

Hopefully, you don't have to pay too much for this wonderful fruit. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, they can help protect you from stroke and ulcers, lower your blood pressure, and give you a boost of energy to start the day. Even when they are expensive they are probably cheaper than prescription drugs for doing those things and have no side effects that I know of.

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Go Bananas!


@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

I always like banana, goes well with my ice cream too :) Reminds me of a lame joke...hand a female A banana...depends on how she HOLD it, you will know if she is MARRIED or not.

Well, joke of course. If only girls are that simple :p

Anonymous said...

lame joke from a lame brain

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Yeah he is a lame easy-go-lucky kinda guy, we attended his class for a semester but quite like him. He broke the ice (our first year, first class!) with that joke make some girl blush but boldly declare his style. I remember he has a scar on his face but didn't try to hide, anyway.

I am layman compare to this lame-man, I guess :)

Anonymous said...

you're just as lame for posting such rubbish

Don Snabulus said...

Somebody needs a nap.

I like bananas too and we must have them shipped even farther so there is a certain amount of guilt associated with eating them.

They run anywhere from $0.33/pound (usually for stuff turning black) to about $0.79/pound here. Organic varieties go up from there.

I've "gone bananas" several times today and it feels good.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Daylight come and me wanna go home!
Peceli rang last night and they were in the middle of a wedding party at the village. Lots of singing in the background. I should have gone to Fiji instead of staying here. Sobosobo. They are eating lovo food and BANANAS!

Pandabonium said...

Well, the prices for us are back up today.

Low and anonymous - "lame is as lame does. Life is like a box of bananas, you never know what you're going to peel."

Don't feel guilty Snabby. Believe it or not most people in Hawaii are eating Central American bananas, 'cause the ones grown in Hawaii are very susceptible (sp?) to the Panama something-or-other disease and can't meet the demand, so imports are a must. Weird, huh? That's why I grew my own.

Wendy - if nothing else I got some delicious banana bread out of this story - thanks. Ah, poor thing, having to listen to everyone else having fun and eating good stuffs in Fiji.

nzm said...

What I would do for some good lovo food right now!

Palusami is best when cooked this way, even though my father can still do a mean dish of it in the traditional oven, it still doesn't taste as good as it does when it's cooked in banana leaves.

Pandabonium said...

Nzm, I'll post a link to your blogs soon. Thanks again for the visit. Mmmm, Palusami - with fish or no meat at all is fine with me. Lovo cooking makes the flavors come out.

FH2O said...

Bananas and papayas are my favourite easily available (and very cheap) local fruits which I consumed regularly. There are quite a few varieties too.

The durians season is just starting here in Kuching and I'm grinning from cheek to ear! ;)

Pandabonium said...

FH2O - Nothing like having your favorite fruits and vegetables plentifully and cheaply available. I'm looking forward to trying durian someday.

Robin said...

yummy yummy...

but banana is sometimes too sweet for me.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Eating too many bananas will make you constipated.

Just thought I'd throw in a last-minute negative vibe to balance out all this good cheer.

I just got back from Australia. When we travelled along the highway from Caloundra north to Tin Can Bay we passed a sign that said, "No bananas or banana plants permitted beyond this point". Now, what's up with that?

Pandabonium said...

Welcome home Moody. Maybe they don't want other kinds of bananas brought into the commercial growing areas. Or maybe diseased ones coming in. Or maybe they are just constipated.

Constipated? You're not supposed to eat the wax ones.