Summer In Naka

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Summer days are for enjoying ice cream with friends.

I took this picture of some neighborhood kids yesterday, while on a walk with Momo. It is the kind of moment I remember from my childhood. I was struck at the tragedy that there are children in several countries right now whose lives are being devistated by wars over resources at the same moment. All the talk of religious differences, politics, race, etc. is really rubbish - window dressing or excuses used to motivate the troops and gain support of the people of the countries involved. In reality it is all about economics. Money. Greed. Wars always have been. Shouldn't kids all be able to share the same kind of happy, normal, childhood of those in the picture I took? What will it take? What future is there for any of them if we don't make it happen? In not now, when? If not us, then who?


FH2O said...

Yes, yes! I couldn't agree with you more!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Lovely photo and some good thoughts. When we see young children, it does give us hope and optimism and energises us to do something to make the world a bit better for their future.
When I see my grandchildren - which isn't often - and they can be so funny and smart and enjoyable, my occasional bouts of pessimism just fly away.

PinkPanther said...

Good! You have gracious ‘n philanthropic heart. If everyone could think about it in this way, then we won’t have wars, politics problem…etc.
That’s all Human Being’s faults. !!!
At least we have some Charity Communities to do something for those unlucky children.

word verification: saevpcd- save poor children.

nzm said...

Nice to see some kids enjoying themselves PB.

At the moment, all of the papers and Middle East blogs are filled with reports of kids in Lebanon being killed, injured or orphaned.

Of course, we never hear that it's happening in Israel too.

It's just tragic all the same.

Pandabonium said...

Well, didn't want to take away from the fun of the pictures, but it was on my mind.

Thanks for all your comments.

Don Snabulus said...


agus said...

Panda, I hear you. I am sad too.

Love the picture though. Brought me smiles again, after the read.

bonnie said...


And thanks for your comments over on Frogma. Loved it that you stumbled across the sushi paddle post with the wagashi & other Japanese goodies!

wouldja believe I can't turn off my TV set? Don't have one of those things. Got a computer & a radio, that's enough for me!

Robin said...

Kids will forever be kids.

Have fun again
I want you to have fun

Just like little children
Like the little children
Know how they have fun
Just like little children
Like the little children
Know how they have fun

Children innocence and vulnerability is always an attractive which is why Peter Pan refuse to grow up.

Pandabonium said...

Thanks again folks. You're welcome Bonnie. Good on you for not having a mind control box.

Agus, yeah, that's how I feel. It makes seeing these kids having a normal life all the more precious.

That's great Robin. Growing up shouldn't mean losing joy. Children see things as they are. Adults have been trained to see things through filters. Let's all be kids always.

Happysurfer said...

The powers that be are not doing enough to seriously work out plans to remove differences in people. A case in point is that we are still required to state our ethnicity and religion in our citizenship papers. Integration is near impossible under the current circumstances. Don't think there's ever going to be peace on earth with this mindset in addition to the greed and all.

Pandabonium said...

Reminds of MLK - "I had a dream..."