Momo's Picnic

It was Sunday, and a day off at last. The weather was great, so Pandabonium and K decided to go on a picnic - and take me with them! I've never been anywhere in the car before. Where they wanted to picnic was too far for me to walk, and there is no way I can fit in the bicycle basket, so the car was the only option.

Pandabonium cooked bento lunches for them, bottled up some water and juice, packed it all up along with something to sit on. Then he put my old wicker basket bed in the back seat of the car along with my water dish and, well, ahem, poopy kit. I could hardly believe it when he picked me up and put me in the car with him. I was really going. Cool.

I was nervous though. I hadn't ridden in a car since my previous owners abandoned me over a year ago. I was hoping that wasn't happening all over again. We went down a big hill and through rice fields and then over a big bridge that was over a kilometer long and went right across Lake Kitaura. At first I rode in my old bed, but when I could no longer recognize anything, I got scared and Pandabonium let me sit on his lap. By the time we got to the bridge I had relaxed a bit. The air was nice and it was fun to see the scenery going by so fast.
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Fishing on Lake Kitaura

K parked the car under the bridge and we got out. I was really excited to be somewhere new and sniff around. Pandabonium kept me on a double length leash so I wouldn't get lost, yet could still explore some. I made a mistake and poked my face into a big weed to sniff and when I pulled away from it I was covered with parts of the weed.

We walked along the lakeside levy until we got to a small marina full of fishing boats. Then we went down the bank of grass covered earth and concrete to the flat area by the water's edge. They put down a plastic mat and a beach towel for me to sit on and I let them share it with me. Pandabonium set up my water bowl, which has a bottle attached to it to keep it fresh.

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Old Fishing Boats

It was nice there. The water was sloshing around in the lake and there was a nice breeze. Some other people were going by in fishing boats and occassionally a bird would fly by. We had a nice view of the bridge, the lake of course, and the eastern shore and the bluffs near our house. The weather was warm and the sky had high wispy cirrus coulds.

After we got settled, they brought out lunch. A big bento lunch of rice and veggies and cheese omlette for each of them, with apple, banana and coconut cookies for desert. Hey, wait a minute. Where was mine? Can you believe it? They didn't bring anything for me! Good grief.

K tried to offer me a slice of apple, but it tasted weird to me. Then Pandabonium gave me a piece of raw carrot. Eww. K thought I'd eat some banana - NOT. Finally, after much persuasion on my part, K gave me a couple of coconut cookies and Pandabonium let me eat some rice out of his hand. I tried the apple a few more times, but never ate any. True, I usually just get breakfast and dinner so I wasn't really hungry, but these guys were eating right in front of me. Kinda rude. Anyway, the cookies and rice were good. Next time, I'll remind them to bring some pig ears or chicken strips for me.

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Momo's Picnic

An older couple came by with their dog - some kind of miniature collie I think - and we said hello and such. Why do people always ask if I'm a boy or a girl? The lady said that the other dog was a boy and had been neutered. I really didn't need to know that! It was their first time to come down there together too. I wanted to run up and play, but wasn't allowed to. K and Pandabonium sat and watched the fishermen and the view and played with me a lot. We had a good time.

Then it was time to go. Riding home I hardly looked out the window. I was tired. When we got close to home, Pandabonium sat me up and I kind of got excited as we entered our neighborhood, especially when we pulled into the driveway.

All in all it was fun time. Pandabonium and K were impressed at how well behaived I was, so I'm hoping they'll take me on another outing in the car sometime.

Momo, The Wonder Dog


Don Snabulus said...

Congratulations on your first big trip with your pet humans. I bet it was fun to explore some new stuff for a change. Good luck on the snackies for the next trip.

YD said...

Good post momo! :-) I can feel your excitement even over here!

hey you looked fabulous in pic! and your water bowl is cute, I haven't seen one like this b4 over here. :-P

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Oh what a scaredycat dog you turn out to be! Don't you know how to be a dog, stick your head out of the car window and feel the wind, roll in disgusting dirt, explore odd places, sniff other dogs?
So what's the story of your beginning and it sounds like you were dumped by the first owner? Now that is sad.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Thanks Snabbie. I think I bugged them enough while they were eating that they won't forget some food for me next time.

YD, thanks, but you should see the pics of me I didn't post. :P The water thingy works good, but can get too warm if left in the sun and the bottle needs cleaning a lot.

Wendy - perhaps I gave you the wrong impression. I'm no coward around other dogs, even big ones. I also love to dig holes sometimes and run through weeds when I can get away with it.

But I had a traumatic experience before finding Pandabonium and K's house April last year. You can read about it in the May 2005 archive post titled "Momo the wonder dog". Then maybe you can cut me some slack for being nervous about my first car trip since then.

Lrong said...

Lucky doggo, Momo... to be taken for a 'free' ride...

Happysurfer said...

Hi Momo, Wow! your very first picnic. With your good behaviour, I'm sure there'll be lots more. Nice pictures, all of them.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Yeah Lrong, it was treat even without the treats.

Thanks Happy. Pandabonium tooks the pics, I just had to hold still and look beautiful. :P

yowdjam: what I said the first time I tasted chili pepper preserves.

FH2O said...

you are such a lucky dog! ;)

Robin said...

haha.. Momo., were u on a leash or free running..

I would love to run to the end to the lamp post pee at it and run back when Robin shouted at me.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Oh what a wonder dog indeed! I read the story of how she connected with you two - and all the time I had thought she was a pampered little princess! Good on you for taking her in.

Our dog Suzie - once upon a time - was up for sale for $2 at the Hopetoun High School fete and our boys just said she must come home with us! She became part of the family for about eleven years.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Well, Momo, if I were you I'd be thankful that your master and mistress didn't:

a. dump you out of their car like your previous owners, or

b. make you the picnic. (mmmmMeat!!!)

(Yes, I know, that was terrible and I should be beaten with a random blunt object. I'm just r e a l l y s t r e s s e d o u t...)

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

FH2O - and don't I know it!

Metta - yeah, the best times I get are when Pandabonium lets me off the tether and I can run around the yard as much a I want and dig holes when he isn't looking. Sometimes I slip out and run to the lot behind our house. He gets a little angry about that 'cause there are a lot of weeds there. On the picnic I was never off the leash, but it was a very long one so I didn't mind. I don't have much sense around cars, so it was probably a good thing.

Wendy - thanks. It was kinda rough before they took me in. Good for you in adopting Suzie. The best dogs are the ones you save.

Moody - whoa! Sorry you're stressed. Dealing with all those little mutts - uh, children - must be a task at times. But try to think of the rewards. I can't think of any myself, so I hope you can. Perhaps you should holler "beat me Daddy, eight to the bar".

mrukxmh - my Inuit language teacher.

PinkPanther said...

Momo the Wonder Dog!
Wow! Wow!!! You did have an enjoyable time with your nice Master.

Let me give you an idea. Try to request PandaB brings you to take a animal spa next time. (*wink, wink*) I bet you would enjoy it a lot. !!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Thanks Pinkpanther, but I think he's too cheap... ummm, (just kidding Pandabonium) I mean, I don't think he can afford it. That would be nice though!

Chen said...

u are such a wonderful doggy..
what an enjoyable time u have out there with your human :D
U like pig ears ?

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Thank you Chen! Wags and face licks. The picnic was fun. I wish we would go somewhere that I could run around without my leash. My favorite snacks are dried chicken strips and dried pig ears.