Koizumi - Not Another Shrine Visit!

Well, yes and no, but China and the rest of Asia can relax. This time Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is going to a shrine other than Yasukuni.

Japan is pulling its army out of Iraq next month and Junichi-chan (my nickname for him) is stepping down soon. He will make his last official trip as PM to the USA this week and see his master good buddy, Dubbyah. As a reward for being a good lap dog staunch ally in the coalition of the willing, Dubbah may take Junichiro on a ride in Air Force One. Japan's Air Self Defense Force has two 747's for his use, but the PM must share them with other officials as well as the royal family and besides, they aren't as "pimped out" as Air Force One. So it will be a thrill for him. I'm sure Dubbya will let him play with all the toys on board, except for the atomic "football" which even Dubbyah isn't allowed to get near without Uncle Dick's permission.

But the truly exciting part is where they will be going. I already mentioned that it is a shrine (of sorts). This one is located in Memphis, Tennessee. Yup, as Paul Simon's song goes, "Poorboys and Pilgrims with families, And we are going to Graceland". OK, they're not poor and the families are divorced, separated and dysfunctional, but who cares, "WE'RE GOIN' TO GRACELAND!"

Junichi-chan is a big fan of Elvis. In 2001 he put out a charity fund raiser album titled "My Favorite Elvis Songs". At a dinner in Australia in May of last year, performers started to play ''I Can't Help Falling In Love With You,'' and Koizumi began singing along, and was joined by Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, who was sitting next to him.

Who knows, after he steps down, maybe there is a career waiting for him as a Japanese Elvis impersonator. I wonder if Air Force One has a karaoke player?

"Dreams come true, in blue Hawaii..."

I just hope something doesn't come up to spoil their fun, like a North Korean missile launch or a catagory 5 hurricane? nah! That wouldn't stop these two.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

That is a funny post, except for the sub-text. Of course we all liked Elvis - up to a point!
Getting out of Iraq eh? Well, the Aussie soldiers are there to protect the Japanese engineers we were told, but, now that has been altered a bit. We are needed, they say.
It's all so tragic. The interference from USA and cronies has been a disaster.

Pandabonium said...

Wendy, actually, the JSDF has started packing and moving already. Some of the JASDF planes will stay and continue air cargo missions to northern Iraq. Nothing has been mentioned of the Japanese Navy ships in the Indian Ocean which refuel US ships in the area.

Japan has tried to keep a low profile in Iraq, and now that the world sees the full horror of the war, Japan would like to slip away in the dark. Japan will say they only went to offer aide and do reconstruction work, but that's like saying you didn't rob the bank, you just drove the getaway car. The LDP's ultimate goal is to change the constitution and openly become a military power again.

I have to make fun of the world's rulers. It's either that or cry.

FH2O said...

Elvis has left the building and we can talk now!

Thanks for the fun read! Love it! ;)

Pandabonium said...

Thanks FH2O. Kind of hits you between the eyes doesn't it? Oh, sorry, poor choice of words.