Poked Pup

You've probably heard of a "pig in a poke", but what about a "poke in a pup"? And no, I don't mean that children's book, "The Pokey Little Puppy". I'm talking needles here.

I thought I just was getting an extra walk Saturday morning when Pandabonium took me to our community center down the street. I'd forgotten about going there last year. Wow, that means I've been living with Pandabonium and K for over a year already!

There were lots of other dogs there and I was a little nervous about that. The owners all had their dogs on leashes and Pandabonium made sure he kept me close and would pet me and tell me everything was OK. He paid some lady money and then we went over to a van where a man in a lab coat was standing. He turned out to be a doctor.

One big dog got really scared and poohed right there. Another dog peed when the man touched him. Then it was our turn. The doctor asked how old I was and the next thing I knew I got poked with a needle just behind my left shoulder. Then Pandabonium put a new metal tag on my collar and walked me home.

Here I am with my new tag.

The poke was quick and didn't hurt much so I just about forgot it by the time we got home. Pandabonium said he was proud of me for being brave and said the vaccine would keep me from getting a bad disease called rabies. Can't say I enjoyed the experience, but at least I don't have to do it again until next year.

- Momo, the wonder dog.


j-apricot said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Momo.

YD said...

awww... brave momo!

nice hairdo by the way. ;P

The Mad Injector said...

Can't say I enjoyed the experience, but at least I don't have to do it again until next year.

That's what YOU think, pooch! I have some beautiful, little needles right here, all with YOUR name on them!


Momo the Wonder Dog said...

j-apricot and yd - thank you both. face licks and wags all around.

Mad Injector - You should really talk to your therapist about these fantasies.

Otherwise, you may try to act them out someday and I'll be forced to rip your Achilles tendons to shreds with my k9s such that you never walk again without crutches - like I did to that mean delivery man a few weeks ago.

Chen said...

brave Momo :)

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Aw shucks. Licks and wags for you too Chen.

By the way, if you ever have leftovers of all that food on your blog, you know who to send it too. :P

Robin said...
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Robin said...

haha.. Momo.. what's with the delivery man?

Bodhi also loves the newspaper man.. he will chase and Grrrr at him.. endlessly until he is out of his sight.

Hmmm.. vacination.. at community centre.. interesting.. is this an organised activity from the government?

I like your new pics..

Tiffy said you are so handsome.. like a little hero.. hehe

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Robin - thanks. well, I am friends with the mail woman and the co-op delivery man, but if someone comes that I don't know and Panda or K aren't with me, I do my best to scare them off.

Yes, the government does the rabies vaccinations and dog owner registrations. Pretty efficient.

Thanks Tiffy. You know I'm a girl, right?

Happysurfer said...

Momo, are you for real? You do look like a cute cuddly toy that I'm tempted to say, "I want you for Christmas". hehe...... You do look great!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

You are too kind. Thanks. Face licks and wags for you Happy.

Pandabonium said...

Happy - Cute and cuddly she is Happy, but sometimes a real pain in the .....
Be careful what you wish for. ;^)

Just kidding Momo.

Happysurfer said...

Yeah, I might get it? haha...