Fiji Elections - And A New Blog

Fiji's Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase

Unnoticed by most of the rest of the world, Fiji held parliamentary elections in May. (Ever notice how "the news" tends to focus on the places where things are going badly wrong?) Though the election process is a complex one in Fiji, things went pretty smoothly. Often when I mention Fiji to people, they bring up the 2000 coup as a reason to be wary. I love to point out - especially to US citizens - that the USA also had a coup that year. In the case of Fiji, it was put down and people involved went to prison. In fact people are still being brought to justice over that event. In the case of the USA, well, do I really need to elaborate?

For those of you who want to learn more about the outcome of Fiji's 2006 elections, please check the relevant posts on the following Fiji blogs:

Babasiga, Stuck in Fiji Mud, and Vakaivosavosa.

While I'm mentioning other blogs, take a look at Geelong Visual Diary, brought to you by Peceli and Wendy who also write Babasiga. This newer blog features stories from their home in Geelong Australia illustrated with art by Wendy herself (not to mention poetry). It is an interesting blend of local life and contrasts of different religions and cultures. Living in Fiji and Australia and with their religious background (Peceli is a Methodist minister), they are able to present a unique perspective on our world. Please check it out. I promise you'll like it. In fact, if you don't like it, I'll eat a bug.


The Moody Minstrel said...

I don't like it.

(I'll wink after he eats the bug.)

peceliandwendy said...

Vinaka vakalevu Panda.
Moody, hmmmm.

Happysurfer said...

Visited the nice blog. Thanks.

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Oh, I was about to say that, moody.

(Panda probably ate bugs-in-bamboo anyway, hehe...)

Robin said...

oh dear.. I better not say whether I like it or not..

But interestingly, the month of May must be an election month.. for Singapore, Sarawak, and Fiji..

Robin said...

and Korean election today too.. hmmhmm

agus said...

If it wasn't for your blog, I wouldn't know about the election. Yeah, news is always about depressing and disturbing events.

Oh, give momo hugs and kisses. Love the portrait on Poked Pup!

Pandabonium said...

MM- Not possible.

P & W Blog - 'welcome

Happysurfer - "no bugs m'lady"

Low - not bad steamed though

Robin. Yes, and the Koreans incumbants got their butts kicked! They should have bought those Diebold voting machines from Bush.

Thanks Agus. Funny, I was writing up the next post - which links to you - when you commented.