The Incredible Shrinking Momo Dog

A little while back, Robin commented that Momo looked a bit large for a Shih-Tzu. Robin owns a Tibetan Spaniel and three Lhasa Apso, by the way. Shih-Tzu are closely related to Lhasa Apso, the latter being Tibetan temple dogs, many of which were gifted to Chinese aristocracy. The Shih-Tzu is descended from those and over generations developed slightly different traits which the Chinese evidently preferred. In fact, Lhasa and Shih-Tzu mean the same thing in the respective languages - "lion dog".

If you have questions about these dogs, I suggest you ask Robin. He knows a whole lot more about them than I do.

Well, in the picture Robin was looking at, Momo had her full winter coat and looked pretty hefty. She's had some trimming since then and today got a shampoo. I took a picture of her before she was completely dry. She doesn't look quite so big now.

She looks even smaller when soaking wet, but I won't make her suffer the indignity of having that picture posted. :oP

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Momo the (incredible shrinking) Wonder Dog


YD said...

wet-soaked pretty girl...(I mean doggy!)

Would be more misleading if the picutre was taken near the beach.

I will go face the wall now.

The Moody Minstrel said...

She certainly looks contented. I'm sure she's happy to be minus a few hundred extra grams of hair.

YD, you don't quite have to face the wall yet. Face the music, maybe, but not the wall. ;-)

Pandabonium said...

YD, Moody is right. No punishment due.

Moody, she does like getting washed. It's the drying off with the towels she dislikes. In the end, she's happy to be clean.

YD said...

I remember trying to give a puppy a bath before. He resisted and struggled and ended up me being wet and not him.

So momo is indeed a good girl. Good momo!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

We had a gorgeous bitza dog. Suzie was a medium size red hairy loveable dog - mother was a corgi, father a sheep dog that jumped off the back of a ute, probably kelpie - collie cross. Suzie had pups every six months or so which we gave away. Gorgeous dogs. I bought her for $2 at a high school fete and she was part of the family for over ten years. We lived across the road from the high school and she used to follow the kids to school. She somehow avoided the cars.
Don't ask me about cats though, don't like them much, though we did have two black and white cats - one City Cat, (inside) the other Bush Cat(outside). Both chose to live with us of course though they had collars and former owners!

agus said...

Hahah...so cute. Now that's what I call ca'momo'flage. The ability to look big, fuzzy and fluffy is so critical in the pet world. Hip hip, momo!

bonnie said...

Awww. Nice of you not to embarrass her. Fluffy dogs look so peculiar when their wet fur is plastered against their bodies. Fluffy cats, too.

Your photos from the post before this were absolutely lovely.

PinkPanther said...

Momo must be shy when she’s taking this pic. ;-)

Has she ever tried a spa in the Pet specialty shop?

Happysurfer said...

Pretty Momo, the WonderDog. She does like prettier with shorter fur.

Pandabonium said...

A post about Momo always seems to attract comments.

Its a wet job YD. I leave it to K! Actually, Momo is usually still during her shampoo. It is when drying her off that she tries to get away.

Wendy, I've always enjoyed having a dog - some more than others(!). Cats make me sneeze and are too aloof for me anyway.

Yeah, Agus. She looks like a different animal sometimes.

Bonnie, glad you like the photos. Yeah, a fluffy dog or cat can look like a rodent when soaking wet. :P

Pinkpanther - I don't have money for a spa for myself, let alone the darned dog! Don't give Momo any ideas. :D

Happysurfer - Momo thanks you.

Robin said...

Thanks Panda, now indeed Momo is a Shih-Tzu, minus all the winter coat. It is true, in SG, you will seldom see Shih-Tzu, with winter coat at all, since the hair are kept short for practical reasons.

When I mentioned Momo looks big, I meant you must have overfed her.. hehehe.

Thanks for sharing..

Pandabonium said...

Robin, I knew full well what you meant, and felt kind of defensive at the time because we do indulge Momo with a snack after her walks. :oP

So I wanted to show a trimmed Momo (especially to you). Actually, Shih-Tzu are known to be prone to getting over weight, so it is good keep an eye on that. Thanks.

Robin said...

thanks panda..