Omedetou Emi!

Thanks to the Moody Minstrel for the good news that Emi Kinoshita has placed 4th in the Japan High School Kyudo competition held in Fukuoka this past weekend. Emi is a former student of K and attends the school where Moody teaches.

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Emi Kinoshita - Fourth Place

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Congratulations Emi!

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The Eight Steps of Shooting an Arrow in Kyudo


Chen said...

Congrats, Emi :)

Robin said...

Yes yes, congratulations!!!

I am forever impressed with people who wear spectacles achieving goals in archery.

Well done!

Pandabonium said...

Then there was the guy who accidently shot his friend with a bow and arrow. He said it didn't know it was loaded.

(Must have been related to Dick Cheney.)

Chen said...

ouch... hope that guy didnt cause severe injury to his poor friend..

Robin said...

OMG.. is he wearing his glasses?