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I have added a link section for Fiji Blogs. You'll find expats who are living and working in Suva or Nadi, a Fijian expat living in the US who comments on Fiji politics and social issues, a consultant promoting the city of Suva, thoughts on Pacific Island topics from a Fijian perspective, and a blog devoted entirely to the (poor) condition of the roads. A variety of photos awaits too. I find it interesting to go back to the first posts of the expat blogs and read their early impressions.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog, Babasiga comes from their two homes - one in Labasa in the far north of Fiji, the other in Geelong, Australia. Very nice posts about life in each country.

There is also a blog about the experiences of Peace Corp volunteeers in Fiji with great pictures of village life.

So take a few minutes and check these links out and say, "Bula!" (hello) from your part of the world. I'm sure they will all appreciate it and you will learn a great deal about Fiji in the process.

Here's the bunch of them: Babasiga, BulaFiji, Kara, My Life as Paleni, Promoting Suva, Set, Rotten State of Fiji Roads, Peace Corp Fiji, Stuck in Fiji Mud, Taveuni

Vinaka! (Thank you.)


Happysurfer said...

Pandabonium, thanks for highlighting. Will surely check them out.

Paleni said...

Thanks for the link. I bookmarked your site to check out. I hadn't found the Fiji roads blog yet. I had a small rant about the bad roads on my own blog last month. Here's a blog I found of another Peace Corps volunteer, if interested: http://pinfiji.blogspot.com/ .

Pandabonium said...

Thanks, Paleni, for the other Peace Corps volunteer link, I'll add it as well.

You can get to the roads blog by clicking the link within my post or in the side bar under "Other Fiji Blogs". It is here: thefijiroads.blogspot.com/

Thanks for visiting.


Happysurfer - Hope you find something of interest.