East, West, And Points Between

I posted a photo of a Fijian girl in front of the the sign on the 180 degree meridian in my New Year post titled Marau Yabaki Vou!

Forgive another picture of the same sign, but I like the international flavor. The 180 degree meridian runs right through Taveuni, Fiji, the location of this sign, so it is literally a place where east meets west.

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East Meets West On Taveuni - Japan, Fiji, America

I think the little Fijian boy is cute too. He was shy - we never could get him to tell us his name - but was happy to be in the picture. May all the peoples of earth learn to live in peace and harmony.


Don Snabulus said...

Did you dance back and forth across the line singing, "Its today, its tomorrow, its today, its tomorrow."?

That's the kind of thing I would have done.

dqomm - When meditation is disqualified.

Pandabonium said...

I think everyone who visits there does something like that, as well as straddle the line to be in two days at one time. Now if I could only figure out how to make it "yesterday"....

Happysurfer said...

Interesting info. Thanks for sharing, Pandabonium. I have to apologise for not having read all your old posts.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Why do they say one side is "today" and the other "tomorrow"? Why don't they say the "tomorrow" side is "today" and the "today" side "yesterday"?

That's discrimination!

Pandabonium said...

Thanks happysurfer. No apologies needed.

Moody, good point. It could be either. Just a convention that people living east of the line (i.e. in the West longitudes) came up with. I'll post a quote by Jack London where he speaks of this very dilema.