Rude Awakenings

Wow. I thought I lived in a pleasant, rural community with friendly neighbors and little in the way of serious crime. But lately I have made a very sinister discovery about some of the citizens here. We have organized crime right in the midst of our little village! As the ‘Music Man’ song goes (sort of): Trouble, oh we got trouble, right here in Oono Village! with a capital "T" that rhymes with "C" and that stands for ..... canines?

A Canine Street Gang

For two nights in a row, Momo has awakened us around 3 o’clock in the morning with whining or barking. Not my favorite time to wake up, grab a flashlight and venture outside (where the temperature is hovering around freezing) in my robe and rubber beach slippers. The culprits each time have been neighborhood dogs - two or three of them at a time. I think that they are usually looking to take left over food from the dishes of dogs that are tied up. Momo eats her two meals each day in a matter of seconds, leaving nothing in her dish – ever. Sometimes we don’t even make the five meters back to the house before she has devoured dinner. Even if we are going out and won’t be back until late so leave some dry food for her, the concept of saving anything to eat "later" is totally absent from Momo’s doggy mind. She is very Zen-like and lives in the "NOW". And besides, as we remind her, there are dogs starving in China!

So the prowlers got nothing. I chased the dogs away, dragged the metal accordion gate across the driveway entrance and went back to bed until 6:45 a.m. when the local pubic address system loud speakers chimed like Big Ben, as they do every morning, six days a week.

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The Great Gate of Kiev, err, Momo

Uninvited Guests

Some dogs are pretty persistent. One female dog, which is at least four times Momo’s size (not hard to achieve) and that lives next door to Momo's friend Goma, (see the post “Momo’s Walk – Talk of the Town” for a picture of Goma), got loose the other day and came to tease Momo by rushing at her and jumping around as Momo growled and tried to get a bite of the pest (and she did give the intruder a nip before I could intervene!). The other dog probably just wanted to play, but there was something mean spirited in the way she would not take a hint and just buzz off. I had to take the visitor by the collar and literally drag her to the street, closing the gate behind her. She later bugged us on our walk until her owner drove up and took her home.

The Quadruped Yakuza!

Yesterday, I noticed that Momo had only one toy in the yard. She owns several and they are usually scattered within her reach, so this was very odd. Sometimes they get moved by wind or tossed a few meters away by Momo, but the missing toys were nowhere to be seen. As I was taking the “non-burnable” rubbish to the local collection bin by bike (brrr), I soon found her toy hedgehog laying in the middle of the road 20 meters or so from the house. Later, while walking Momo a hundred meters from the house in the opposite direction, we came across her favorite toy – a cloth cow dressed in red polka dot under pants. I can only assume those dogs made off with her toys. Pirates! Thieves! Scallywags!
I rinsed off the hedgehog and K ran the cow through the washing machine, hung it to dry and returned it to Momo by day’s end, though the squeakers no longer functioned in either one.

Last night I closed the gate across the driveway before going to bed hoping to nip the problem in the bud. Momo whined a bit last night, but when I went to the door I saw nothing out there except Momo looking at the gate. Dogs passing by on the street I assumed. This morning I discovered that all of Momo’s toys were gone! Walls on three sides, and a thick hedge on the fourth side surround our property. Though we had already put wire border in the few holes there were along the base of the hedge in order to keep Momo in when she was off leash, I found a hole in one corner of the hedge where a larger dog had pushed the wire aside to get through. Today I’ll need to devise a means to block that hole securely.

Exhibits A, B, and C:

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Hopefully these measures will keep this local street gang of Canine “Yakuza “ out of the yard. I am sure that they are jealous of Momo’s breeding, high social status in the neighborhood, her two meals a day, bi-monthly showers, heated dog house (yes, it’s true), two walks a day and all those toys. I’m sorry if their lot in life is not as good, but I will not tolerate them terrorizing her, stealing her toys and leaving them in the street somewhere out of spite!

Compassionate or Just Soft on Crime?

Were it not for the fact that Japan has the death penalty for stray animals with a very short wait on canine death row, we would call the dogcatcher. We’ll have to fend for ourselves instead. Maybe we should send for Max and have him stand guard at the gate wearing those cool sunglasses. Or perhaps a social worker for dogs could raise money for a canine youth center. We'll see. Not that Momo is any sissy! To borrow a line from "The Princess Bride":

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My name is Inigo Montoya Momo The Wonder Dog. You stole my toys. Prepare to die!

Santa doesn’t usually come to this house, but this year I think Momo will find he made a special trip with some new toys just for her.


YD said...

aww... poor momo! what's her feeling about all these? let's hear from momo. :-)

a cloth cow dressed in red polka dot under pants? hey u got a pic of it? would love to see this. hehe...

hope santa get cute ones for momo.. she needs some comfort after such havoc those dogs have caused..

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Well, if there's a Panda-Santa...

Momo said...

Woof, woof, woof. Thank you YD. It was scary, cause all those dogs are bigger than me, but I feel OK knowing Panda and K are here and even in the middle of the night will come help me when I bark. I miss my toys though..... nnn nnn nnn.

Pandabonium said...

yd, will post a pic of her new toys soon.

low, all I can say is "Ho, ho, ho!" (not a person's name).

YD said...

*hugs for momo* , *hugs for panda n K too!*

I bet momo has opened her presents today! merry christmas!

hehe... either santa loves someone named Ho very much, or the Ho has been very notty that santa goes into a sputtered HO!HO!HO!

i really should go to bed now... but very excited for xmas!

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Let's say "Hoh, Hoh, Hoh!" instead of "Ho, ho, ho!", shall we? :)

Now i knew why yd are so excited for Christmas...hehe...

The Moody Minstrel said...

(Here's hoping that YD and Low don't know what a "ho" is in American slang...especially because that pun has been hackneyed to the point of nausea this year!)

I know Pandabonium tends to have Scroogish tendencies with regard to Christmas, but hopefully Momo was able to receive a bit of Christmas spirit.

And once all the peace, love, joy, forgiveness, and brotherhood of the Christmas season are over, here's hoping Momo will start tearing mouthfuls of fur and flesh from her tormentors...

Did I say that?

The Moody Minstrel said...

Actually, I was going to say, "Now I know where Japanese teenage motorcycle gangs get their ideas." It makes sense, since they're on about the same level as spoiled, undisciplined dogs, anyway.

Did I say that, too?!?

YD said...

sob sob.. moody, unfortunately, i actually know the "ho" in American slang... I was commonly called "Ho" in my school cafe cuz many of them could not remember my first name, and there was once this guy who keeps breaking into laughs whenever he called me. I was puzzled until one day, he explained to me. argh! :-(

hehe.... moody loves saying a string of surprising words, and shoving his fist into his mouth later. :-) Luuuuv to see that. :-P

Pandabonium said...

Bah Humbug.

Well, actually, Momo did get a new toy. Four in fact, but we are going to give them to her over time. I even found a replacement for her favorite - not a cow as I had thought, but a horse - with red heart poka dot (poka heart?) underpants.

Will post pics soon, as well as our most recent dog tribulations. Under control for the most part.

I may (do) get scrooge-ish this time of year, but I try follow this affirmation:

"I will be kind and gentle to every living thing, and protect all who are weaker than myself." (Though I too secretly harbor thoughts of Momo exacting revenge). I justify this dichotomy by calling it "the middle way". ;^)

I get frustrated at the dogs, but it is really the owner's behavior I'd like to change most.

Pandabonium said...

Ignorance is forgivable. Little do these people know that Santa has a lot of weeds in his garden and is always complaining about the need to "Hoe, hoe, hoe!"

Robin said...

haha.. Yes, we all know the meaning of "Ho, Ho, Ho"

Momo, it is ok, this's a season to be giving - so give away your old toys and get new ones!!!