Happy Halloween!

Halloween is not celebrated in Japan. There are not enough Pagans and Christians around. Besides, they have their own monsters and demons to fear and celebrate with. Neverless, our front windows are decorated with a big paper bat, witch, jack o' lantern, and spider.

A small ceramic jack o' lantern sits on the shoe cupboard by the front door, filled with candy. We are only expecting one "Trick or Treater" this year, Momo, and she will surely shun the candy in favor of a pig's rib-bone. Her costume will be be perfect, however. She is coming as "Momo The Wonder Dog".

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"Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat, Give me a pig bone or I'll bite your feet!"


j-apricot said...

That IS a scary, hairy monster!

YD said...

cookie moster in grey... :-P

The Moody Minstrel said...

Well, we wound up celebrating Halloween at my school...much more than I'd bargained for. I'll post the story on my blog tomorrow.

I'll just say that I wish I could've sent some of those trick-or-treaters over to you...

vvthbbf - Bill the Cat attempting to imitate Norton from "The Honeymooners"