Cow Soap

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For an udderly smooth complexion...

Japan has many unusual products and product names. A common brand of soap is "COW" which advertises something about the miracle of milk. When I first saw it I had to wonder, "is it for washing one's cow?"

I'll leave it to you to come up with your own ad slogan ideas.


J-apricot said...

Have you ever heard that some people pour milk into bath to get smooth skin? So probably, the soap help to make your skin smoother.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Hay, here's something to help put your special someone in the moooood!

From rumination
To lactation
To skin as smooth as lamination,
Come enjoy this marvelous, milky sensation!

So truly devine,
From the simple bovine,
Soft passion and pleasure
Like honey and wine!

Straight from the bucket
And onto your skin,
First cold, farmer's hands,
And now his, warm and thin.

Such graze and beauoooty,
Like you've never herd before!
He'll soon steer you down,
Cud-dle you on the floor.

So stop thinking now
That you've gone pasture prime!
Cow Soap is the answer,
For an unherd-of time!

Gyuunyuu o namu said...

A haiku for COW soap:

Wrinkles show my age
Cow soap is my salvation
Milk is my best friend

Don Snabulus said...

Now available in tart green roadapple scent.

Norm Crosby said...

Cleopatra used to bathe in milk, but then, she died of an asp on her bust. Or was it a busted asp? Or maybe she just had milky breasts.

Relatively Exact said...

Ok, a haiku for a traditional, Japanese woman:

I do not eat beef.
I do not drink milk, either,
But I bathe in it.

Basho said...

It's not a true haiku unless it contains a season word, you morons:

Singing cicada,
A bubbling, milky froth,
Your skin is sexy!

White November sky,
Shining peach in hot water,
Sell me your panties!

A smooth, lactic foam,
Caressing December skin,
Forget it, you're old!

Sweet, tender, spring grass,
Happy, feasting soap maker
Producing methane

It's not for your calf,
Born under an April moon,
It's for washing girls.

Pandabonium said...

Alright, it's all good. But no name calling on my blog please (politicians are fair game).

Some of my own thoughts on Cow:

Cow Beauty Soap - a treat from the teat.

Don't "hide" your milky complexion, let it glow with Cow Beauty Soap.

Hoof on down to your favorite store for a bar of Cow Beauty Soap.

Doesn't your face deserve Cow every day?

Riley said...

Where is Corn Cob Bob?

Pandabonium said...


Good question. Iowa? Ontario?

Maybe we could get him to endorse Cow soap.

Hmmm. Since most corn ends up as cattle feed, maybe that's not such a good idea.

moomoo said...

Where can i purchase this soap?

Anonymous said...

Please where can i buy this soap in United Kingdom London??????????

i was given this soap by a japanese friend and it was fantastic!!!!!!!!absolutely Fantastic...if anyone know how i can purchase this soap i will be grateful,as the website doesnt give much info.