Dancing Trombone

Question: What do you call a trombone player with a pager?
Answer: An optomist.

Jonathon Arons is young trombonist/actor/singer/dancer from New York who has come up with a unique way to promote himself.

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Combing a bit of his trombone skills (he does sound good when he plays) with some dance and moves from karate (he holds two black belts), Arons has been doing a trombone dance on national TV shows such as NBC's "Today Show". Some video clips of him are circulating on the internet now.

Pandabonium is in no shape to do that stuff, nor even play at a professional level, but the clips remind me of when I was a high school senior and first trombone in the marching band as we played and marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. The front row consisted of eight trombones and we had a lot of fancy moves including twirling them in unison. It was pretty unique back then and looked awesome. (If Larry, Lynn, or our director Ken read this, email me and remind me who invented that maneuver.) It was not without risks, such as tuning slides flying off due to centrifugal force, and I wonder how many times Arons has bent his, um, instrument, doing the bone dance.

Anyway, check out the video I've linked to by clicking the post title or Arons' photo. As we say in Hawaii, "good fun". Pandabonium's advice for Jonathon? - "keep a loose slide".


wisteria said...

It's fun! And the guy is cute.
At first, I thought he was not able to play the trombone well.

Squeaky said...

Glad you liked the video clip and added it to your blog. Sure, get back into shape and do some moves like Jonathan in Japan! You'll be a big hit with the Nihonjins!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Either that or you'll scare them away.

Pandabonium said...

Scaring people away is my specialty.