Momo Files: Dog Smarter Than Human

Well, this human anyway. Consider the evidence:

I've made two trips to Fiji in as many years to get a house built there. I've had plans drawn, redrawn, changed, gotten bids from contractors, interviewed home owners, inspected other houses, etc. But I still have several steps and many months to go before a single stick will go up. If you think "Hawaiian Time" is slow, try "Fiji Time". The Fiji Islands must be travelling at near light speed because time there, relative to everywhere else, has virtually ground to a halt. That is one of its endearing characteristicts - I'm not complaining.

But compare this to our unexpected guest, Momo, who was taken in as an act of charity (only temporarily mind you) just two months ago. In that time, Momo has managed to secure the following: grooming, two meals a day, health care, one or two walks a day, treats daily for the most minor of things such as the simple act of sitting down. I mean, really, does anyone give you a treat just for sitting down? Have ever walked into a friend's house and have them say, "please sit down", and you say, "no thanks I can't stay", and they say " if you'll have a seat, and stay, I'll give you a piece of See's candy", or some caviar or whatever as they wave it in front of your face? Niether have I.

Momo also has nice water dish with attached bottle to automatically refill it as she drinks (nobody refills my drinks), several toys, and now....a house. A HOUSE!

Yes, Momo has done in two months what I could not do in two years. K bought her a house last week and I put it together in a morning. It was made in China - isn't everything? - and has louvered windows, a faux chiminey, and even a deck with railing. Momo loves it. When it rains she has cozy shelter, when it's sunny she has shade, and when the weather is just right, she lounges on the deck. I even added a post box with her name on it, and the Japan Post insignia.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So I've concluded that dogs are smarter than humans.

In fact, I have a theory. They came from a planet orbiting the dog star, Sirius, thousands of years ago to rule the earth. They have succeeded. The Egyptians of old knew this. The god Osiris has the head of a dog, and the phrase "dog days of summer" comes from their belief that the extra heat of summer was due to the brightness of Sirius (brightest star in the Northern hemisphere) which shines through summer. Superstition or fact? You decide.

Momo's probably been there, and I often don't even know where I am. Sorry, gotta go. Time for Momo's dinner.


Anonymous said...

Now Momo has got a new house. I'm happy for her.
You did a pretty good job.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Yeah, I know the story. You take in a charity case animal, and next thing you know it owns your heart...

YD said...

Momo is so cute!!!

Pandabonium said...

Thanks YD.

I'll be doing a post shortly with another picture of her and her house.

She is fun, but has a discipline problem or two. I don't know if the previous owner mistreated her or just didn't train her.

Obviously, being abandoned didn't help. But we're working on it little by little, and she is much improved in the six months we've had her.