The Momo Files - Canine Physics

There once was a physicist named Bright
Who could travel faster than light
He went off one day
In a relative way
And came back the previous night!

Due to popular demand, I am posting the missing attempted Momo pictures. (referrence: "Momo Update"). Some of you skeptics of quantum mechanics want to see the evidence, so here it is.

The four photos offered are of course, Momo, Blurred Momo, Half Momo, and "No Momo". This phenomenon has to do with quantum mechanics and the laws of physics, which tell us that the presence of an observer changes the event being observed. One can know the position of a particle - in this case Momo - or the momentum, but not both and was first stated by the famous physicist Heisenberg way back in like, 1927. This is called "the uncertainty principle". I think.

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Blurred Momo
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Half Momo
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No Momo
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Those of you with a very keen eye will have noticed that Momo's red and white cloth dogbone toy also is sometimes there, sometimes not! Quantum particle behavior is strange stuff and is described mathematically by the Schrodinger equation. Schrodinger was one of the founders of quantum mechanics. The equation is:

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If it were not for knowledge about quantum mechanics, we would not have things like lasers, fiber optical cables, cell phones, or molecular spectroscopy (I'd like to hear Bush try to say that). It may also offer the key to understaning why socks go missing in the laundry and show up as extra clothes hangers in your closet.

Unfortunately, if you want further clarification, you are on your own, as I never got much past Schroeder in Charles Schulz's cartoon "Peanuts", let alone to Schrodinger or anything about quantum mechanics that made the least bit of sense to me. Personally, I think they made it all up to confuse the people who gave them big research grants and who were afraid of looking stupid and therefore just forked over the money without asking too many questions.

All I know for certain is that when I try to capture Momo with a digital camera, it's a hit or miss proposition.

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The Moody Minstrel said...

The Schroedinger Equation is modern physic's equivalent to the number 42. It seems to be the answer to quantum mechanics, but nobody seems to know what the question is.

Is sure is a good way to impress people, though.

Science major: "Check this out! This is what I'm doing now in college!"

Sorority girl: "Oooh...take me now or lose me forever!"

(like...as if!)