Momo the Wonder Dog Update

The response to the 'Momo the Wonder Dog' post has been great.

Momo is doing well. We took a long time to trim all the matted hair, twigs and burrs off of her as she was very shy about us doing that at first. We just did a bit every day and eventually she realized we weren't going to harm her and she got to like the attention that grooming brought. Now she's free of such things and is sporting a fashionable "summer cut". She seems very comortable with it. Momo is also getting used to living with us, and us with her. Two square meals, a long walk, and lots of attention each day agree with her.

She has learned to communicate well too, only barking when it is something that really needs attention - "I snarled my tether", "I'm hungry", "I spilled my water", "I need to go for my walk", "there's big nasty looking dog walking by!" Yes, her progress in teaching us humans how to meet her needs is going well.

I cannot say the same with regard to our attempts to communicate with her on topics such as "don't strain at the leash", "stop jumping on our clean clothes when we approach you", "hold still as we take off your teather to take you for a walk" and so on. We ignorant humans obviously need work in this area. (I told you dogs are smarter than humans, a subject I may go into more seriously in a future post.)

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Here is a new photo of Momo. It is the result of many attempts. I have an older model digital camera and there is a delay of a couple of seconds between the time I press the button to when the camera actually records what is in front of it. I have many photos of a blurred Momo, half a Momo, Momo's tail, and even just Momo's cloth dog bone toy, but no Momo! Sometimes, I feel like a physcicist trying to capture a sub-atomic particle.


Anonymous said...

She's got really cute. Nice job.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Good grief!

Is that really the same dog?

She definitely looks a lot happier now